Muscle pain in the upper arm part 1 // self myofascial release

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hello and welcome to Pinoy TOCOM in this clip I want to talk about upper arm pain and the front of your arm that is very often of myofascial origin that means it is due to excessively tight muscles due to myofascial adhesions or due to active trigger points and in this clip I want to show you how you can rid of those adhesions trigger points or of this muscle tension

by applying a self massage or a myofascial cells release respectively so my job is now to walk you step-by-step through the self massage of the Masters that can be responsible for the kind of pain that can initiate it and as those masters are quite big in number I want to divide that video into two parts this is the first part of the video series of this two-part series you can watch the second part

here and now in the first part we will massage a couple of muscles on the arm the front part and the back part that can initiate pain here as well as two masters in the area of our chest that also can refer pain to the front side of the upper arm if they contain active trainer points ok I would suggest that was enough of the explanations what we are going to do

I would say let's get started right away with the massage and we started with our brachialis muscle that is located approximately in very generally speaking at the upper half of your forearm form of your upper arm of course and runs down here to your forearm and you can feel it by taking your thumb of the opposite hand Pleasant and place it between your biceps and triceps and move it a couple of times

to the left and right and feel how the role of muscle is jumping underneath your thumb and this is your brachialis muscle and you can massage it by applying pressure on the muscle and then holding up that pressure for 30 to 60 seconds this is causing image compression and what you want to do is you want to search for a tender point in the muslim' then you want to compress that tender point for

30 to 60 seconds and then release and proceed with the next tender point now this technique is recommended in my opinion and for the upper part of the brachialis or the lower part of your upper arm respectively once we get down here to our elbow joint I recommend grabbing the brachial net the progressive brachialis muscle with your thumb and index finger pinch it like pliers and then bend as well as extend your elbow

a couple of times and make the mouth move contracted and then stretch it and this way you can massage it very very nicely so this is how I recommend to massage the muscle here in the area of your elbow joint now that we have covered the brachialis muscle I want to proceed with the biceps brachii muscle that runs here in the front of your arm that of course if it is too tight

can cause muscle pain here and then upon we are going to massage that much less waste and massage ball you could also use your fingers to do so that's also possible if you're interested in how to do that just visit my website pain Osaka calm go to the trigger point section and search for the biceps muscle okay now if you take in the task force we need some blank space at one and

both you can also use a tennis ball although that is little bit slippery on walls and might be too soft for you but still is totally okay just in case you do not have a massage board or any another heart for like yeah for example in the crossbows or whatever so what you need to do is you need to place yourselves and quite a distance away from the wall because it has to

lean against it and if you are too close at the wall you cannot exert enough pressure this is the first that's the first thing the second thing is to lower your body go into a lunge position and bend your knees this is important so that you have some leeway for the massage in order to roll the ball now we place the ball on the biceps and lean against the wall and now

this is quite awkward that feel doesn't feel too good and now in order to make it feel better you take your free hand and place it on the backside of your upper arm and now all of a sudden it feels very better because the whole swing gets more stable and now you can assess that lower body and let's give your body a little bit so you exert minis what in this way massage

the master and now what you want to do is you want to search for tender points in the muscle and as soon as you find one you stay there and massage it a couple of times with those slow rolling motions now you want to proceed in this manner with the whole area of your upper arm and this is important that you cover the whole upper arm and what's also important is that you

experiment a little bit with the position of the board in order to catch all the muscle fibers and appreciate all the muscle fibers and this way to find any trigger point or tender point or muscle not here in the biceps that's very important that you take your time and experiment a lot with the position of the boy now we covered the front part of the upper arm and here the elbow and now we

want to go to the backside of the upper arm where our triceps is located because also the triceps can initiate pain and the front part of the upper arm and yeah so again here and the Tosh ball is in my opinion a tool to go you can of course also an assaulter process with with your fingers but this can be quite draining if you don't have strong fingers or if you have

long fingernails it might even become very uncomfortable or even impossible to massage the muscle was operating the negative or something like that so just take your third boil and again played yourself at some distance away from the wall go into a squat position lean against the wall and place the ball here on the backside of the upper arm on your triceps and then take your free hand bring it behind your back and place

it at your elbow and as I sit here the crest of my elbow and then I can exert small squat and this way made the ball roll over the back side of my upper arm and this way also of course I can inspect this whole area for 10 a point and of course over the principle is the same as soon as I find a tender point a restated area I will

concentrate on it and then massage it with a couple massage strokes and the same thing that was true for the biceps is also true for the triceps you want to experiment a lot with the position of the ball so you want to retract it right back a little bit from this side and get its Philo's here you want to massage it not just and hit it Seibert hear directly from behind and you also

want to turn your arm a little bit and with Tosh the more medial fibers of the triceps and this way really makes sure to mention the whole matter so now that we have covered the complete arm we want to move on to our area of the chest and here we massage the muscles many distant Allis muscle that runs directly next to a sternum and then last but not least in this video we

will massage the subclavius muscle here but now let's go on with the Denalis because this is the last master where we need a massage wall and again you place yourself again away from the wall going to a large position lower yourself then flick the ball here and this little corner where your collarbone meet your chest bone and going to add each position lean against the wall and then roll the ball directly over the

area next we have Durden such what in the points in this area and massage each of them with a couple of slow rolling motions and it's really as easy as that just proceed in this manner with the whole length here obvious Birnam okay so said we have to massage our subclavius muscle that's the last muscle that we must harsh on this clip and we will do this map that muscles with the trigger

fairy of course we could massage that master with our hands but as it was true with the triceps it's also true with the subclavius it can be quite straining for your fingers if they are not very strong and you're not used to this really hard work here and it can strain them quite fast so I always recommend using a massage whenever possible in this case I recommend the Kruger theory because it enables

you with it tiny little head here to really press on to the subclavius and really hit it so as you can see you play the trigger fairy in a way that the little head of the fairy is here directly underneath your collarbone again in this corner where the collarbone meets your sternum your chest bone you take the hand off the opposite side on the fairway press into the muscle and then you pull skin over

the muscle here over the muscle tissue in this case over the supplier's muscles it's very important not to slide over the skin but to only pull it over the muscle this is more effective in this area here and this way you just work yourself laterally here outward always pulls your shoulder and massage each tender point here in this muscle with those slow pulling motions and as an alternative you could use the press and

move technique which means that you present the muscles and then you retract your shoulder and that means you'll pull it behind in this way and stretch the subclavius and this is also a great way to massage it you know to move it and you could even intensify this massage a little bit by simultaneously pulling the trigger Ferenc towards your chest bone and this way just search for tender points concentrate on them exclusively massage

them for a couple of strokes and then of course watch the second part of my and two-part video series on the self massage of masters that can initiate up arm pain this was the first part I hope you enjoyed it I hope I could help you and of course I hope that we will see each other in the second clip till then I say bye bye

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For more information on trapezius muscle pain click here !hello and welcome to Pinoy TOCOM in this clip I want to talk about upper arm pain and the front of your arm that is very often of myofascial origin that means it is due to excessively tight muscles due to myofascial adhesions or due to active trigger points and in this clip I want to show you how you can rid of those adhesions trigger points or of this muscle tensionby applying a self massage or a ...