The Best Supplements For Nerve Pain

supplements for nerve painWhat Are The Best Supplements For Nerve Pain?

Your doctor is often a bit slow in coming forward to tell you that the best supplements for nerve pain may be natural. Not only are natural solutions the most effective, but they are the safest as well. Most doctors like to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids for nerve pain, but they are a bit slower in coming forwards about the possible side effects.

The side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs, or even steroids, can be serious. You can end up with digestive disorders and cardio vascular problems from steroids, and there is even a school of thought saying that conventional drugs do more harm than good. Looking at the alternatives, what are the supplements for nerve pain you should consider for  better nerve health?

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What to Take for Nerve Painwhat to take for nerve pain

Why should you take anti-inflammatory drugs for nerve pain? Next time you visit your doctor, ask him why he is so convinced that your nerve pain is a result of inflammatory disease or nerve damage. Nerve pain is not always a result of an injury or inflammation. Did you know that a lack of vitamin B can cause nerve pain?

When you experience nerve pain, it is vital that your condition is full explored so that the most effective treatment can be offered. In many cases vitamins for nerve pain are just as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs. A lack of certain B vitamins can cause severe nerve pain. 

nerve renew vitamin bVitamin B – Where Can We Find It?

Nerve pain can indeed occur as a result of lack of vitamin B. This is a water soluble vitamin which we need to eat in rather large quantities to support our entire nervous system. It is found in fresh food such as vegetables and fruits. However, getting hold enough vitamin B is easier said that done. Our food is transported over such long distances today, and this seriously reduces the availability of vitamin B in the food. The end result can indeed be nerve pain.

More Vitamins Associated with Nerve Pain

However, there are more vitamins for nerve pain. For instance a lack of vitamin D is also associated with nerve pain. A common symptom of lack of vitamin D which many doctors ignore is dizziness. Doctors presume that this is a result of nerve pain, but it is not necessarily true. It can just as often be a symptom of the lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when we spend time in the sun, but we often do not get enough sun. Adding a supplement is a good idea, but you may find that there are nerve supplements combinations that do a better job than  many stand alone treatments.

Are There Any Herbs For Nerve Pain?

Herbs for nerve pain relief often do a better job than anti-inflammatory drugs. To buy several herbal supplements for nerve pain relief would cost a lot of money, so you should really be looking for a combination treatment.


Most commonly Feverfew is associated with nerve pain relief. This is a strongly anti-inflammatory herb that has been used to treat pain for many thousands of years. It is commonly found along roadsides, but you do need to pick a lot to make up an effective extract.

Passionflower extract is also linked to nerve pain relief, but you should not try to make up your own treatment. Parts of the Passiflora flower can be poisonous and there are certain species of Passiflora that should not be used at all.

Skullcap is another herb which can be used to treat nerve pain and any other kind of inflammation as well. Once again, an extract of Skullcap is not something that you can really prepare yourself.

nerve renew herbsBest Nerve Pain Supplements

As you can appreciate, there are several treatment alternatives. The best nerve supplements for nerve pain are the combination treatments. The only problem is that many of the supplements available on the market today are not complete.

One of the best nerve pain supplements is Nerve Renew formerly known as neuropathy support formula which can be purchased online. It is a cost effective treatment as you do not need to go out and buy several supplements to treat your nerve pain and the range of natural ingredients is impressive. Having one go to supplement for better nerve health is far more effective. The active ingredients will work together, and you will soon be on your way to better nerve health with Nerve Renew.

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