How to Best Tackle Neck Nerve Pain

neck nerve painNeck Nerve Pain Causes And Treatment

Our necks are very much exposed, and you are more likely to suffer from neck nerve pain than any other nerve pain in your body. Neck pain can strike suddenly and without warning. The neck is a very delicate structure, and the slightest impact or injury, can cause considerable trouble. It is very difficult to treat neck nerve pain as we use our necks so much. This means that neck injuries such as whiplash injuries, are slow to heal and may not heal completely. As we all know, it is not easy to NOT use your neck.

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Whiplash and Neck Nerve Pain

Treatment for neck nerve pain, or finding neck nerve pain relief, is easier said than done. Even the slightest jolt such as a fast head tilt forward in an exercise class, can trigger neck pain. Most of the time we don’t even seem to remember what we have done to cause the condition, and the simple truth is that this is a very uncomfortable health problem.

This sort of nerve pain can cause some bizarre symptoms. Dizziness and a sudden feeling of blood rushing to the front of your head are both common symptoms. A sense of your facing heating up, and tingling in your arms, can be a sure sign that you have a pinched nerve in your neck. You may even experience a blocked nose and ringing in your ears as a result of a nerve injury in your neck.

Treatment for Pinched Nerve in Neck

We often seek treatment for what we presume is a pinched nerve in the neck. This condition often has a sudden onset. One minute it is not there, but then all of a sudden it is apparent that you have a neck problem.

Doctors often refer to it as a pinched nerve but in general it is much more than that. Often the pain is a result of a low blood circulation in the neck, and this can indeed be caused by a pinched nerve. But, you need to treat the condition in its entirely. This means applying more than one technique.

nerve pain in neckExercise for Nerve Pain in Neck

Exercising your neck is more important than holding it still. It is a matter of using your neck in the right way. You need to concentrate on releasing the pinched nerve, and increasing blood flow to the affected area. This can most effectively be done by gentle exercises.

Sit up straight and start to move your head from side to side turning your neck. It may hurt at first but you will gradually feel that your neck will begin to move more freely. The second exercise is just as important.

Once again, sit up straight and move your neck slightly forward letting your chin lead the way. Do the same thing backwards, but the back of your head should now be the focal point. Complete the exercise several times a day, and you will soon found some your relief from your neck nerve pain.

nerve neck painShould You Take Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Your Neck Pain?

The truth is that anti-inflammatory drugs can make your condition worse, and you can cause further damage to your neck which leads to more neck nerve pain. Feverfew is a herb which has gentle healing qualities when it comes to all kinds of nerve pain. It can be found in revolutionary supplements such as Nerve Renew.neck nerve pain

The other main advantage of the supplement Nerve Renew, is that it also contains vitamin B. The vitamins contained within the vitamin B group have long been used to treat painful conditions. It is widely recognized that vitamin B can help to heal both nerve and muscle damage, and in this way, it helps to treat neck nerve pain.

Yes, you can buy things separately, but if you are suffering from a long term neck problem such as whiplash, you are better off taking a combination supplement such as Nerve Renew. Whiplash is sadly often a long term condition, and supplements such as Nerve Renew are an excellent way of treating the condition on a long term basis without any unpleasant side effects. You are nothing without your neck, and to be honest,  this vital support deserves only the best.

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