Nerve Pain Causes And Treatment Explained

treating nerve painNerve Pain can have a detrimental affect on quality of life but what are the main nerve pain causes and treatment and what are the symptoms of nerve pain and nerve damage?

The nervous system is closely involved in the whole of your body and its day to day operation. Whilst you may not be aware of it your nervous system controls your muscles and sensory functions and everything in between.

Lets have a quick look at the types of nerves and what they do. Understanding the different types will give you a good idea where your own particular nerve pain lies.

Motor Nerves

These control your movements and operate by sending information from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles which help you walk, move your limbs and pick up a knife and fork. All of your movements are controlled by the motor nerves.motor nerves

Autonomic Nerves

These are the nerves which you will not be aware of but they help control heart rate, blood pressure and temperature and your digestive process.

Sensory Nerves

These control the senses, allowing you to feel pain and other sensations like heat and work by sending signals from you skin and muscles all the way back to your brain.sensory nerves

You can see that the nervous system is complex and pinning down exactly what is causing the pain can be difficult.


Symptoms Of Nerve Pain

The nature of nerve pain varies and is dependent on where the damage is and to what sort of nerve. It can be caused to the nerves in your brain and spinal cord. Lets look at a few examples of the sorts of nerve damage and the types of pain or symptoms which might be associated with it and this might enable you to decide on the nerve pain causes and treatment you may need.

Damage To The Motor Nerves

Can cause weakness. muscle wasting and in the worse cases paralysis.

Damage to the Autonomic Nerves

Can cause an inability to sense chest pain, constipation and bladder and sexual dysfuntion amongst others.

Damage To The Sensory Nerves

Can cause pain, general sensitivity, numbness and burning sensations.

It is possible to have symptoms which indicate damage to multiple nerves simply because the nervous system is so complicated and there is much overlap.

Some Potential Nerve Pain Causes and Treatment

Trauma is an obvious one. Anything which compresses the nerves can cause pain and examples would be pinched or trapped nerves in the neck, certain crush injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome a narrowing of the “tunnel” in which the nerves in the wrist lie.

This may be surprising but approximately 25% of people with diabetes also suffer from nerve pain and damage and given the increasing incidence of diabetes, this figure is likely to grow. There is actually a condition know as diabetic neuropathy which can interfere with the sensory nerves causing burning or numbness.

Nutritional issues
Some shortage of vitamins particularly the B vitamins can cause symptoms of nerve pain and they can also stem from excessive alcohol intake or come on after surgery for gastric problems.

It goes without saying that some diseases can affect the nerves and anyone who has ever had a cold sore will know the pain that herpes can cause and other conditions like Lyme disease and hepatitis can also lead to nerve pain.

Treatment For Nerve Pain

Sometimes it is simply not possible to cure nerve pain but it can be possible to allieviate the symptoms. There are a number of prescription drugs and pain relievers available and natural supplements like nerve renew are a good alternative for those who do not wish to go down the chemical route. Other complimentary sources include acupuncture,hypnosis and meditation.

If you visit your doctor he may give you a general pain relief medication and in some cases, some anti depressants and anti seizure drugs have been shown to have some effect on reducing nerve pain. Nerve pain causes and treatment are many and varied and it is important to seek advice if you are not sure.