How To Deal With Nerve Pain In Leg

nerve pain legNerve Pain In Leg Causes And Treatment.

We can experience nerve pain in all parts of our bodies, and we may not associate nerve pain in the legs with nerve damage. We often presume that what we experiencing is  muscle pain, but it can just as equally be nerve pain. Your doctor is often quick to diagnose muscle pain, but nerve pain in leg, one or indeed both legs, is more common than you think.

nerve pain in leg

Why Do We Experience Leg Nerve Pain?

There are many common causes for nerve in the legs, and perhaps the most common cause is sciatica. This is where the Sciatic nerve in the lower spine has become pinched or damaged some how. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most common cause of nerve pain in the leg.

But, other causes should not be ruled out. Nerve pain in legs are also strongly associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many physicians now believe that nerve damage done by viruses is the underlying cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sufferers often report that they find it difficult to stand up and experience pins and needles in the legs. At first, it was thought it was a mental condition, but many of these symptoms are now attributed to nerve damage.

We can help ourselves by eating correctly for the condition, but more than anything high doses of vitamin B can be helpful. In some of the top quality nerve pain supplements such as Nerve Renew, you will find the correct combination of vitamins and natural healing compounds.

nerve renew Vitamin B Alone Is Not the Answer to Nerve Pain in Leg

It could be tempting to think taking vitamin B as a stand alone supplement will help, but it will not. Once nerve damage has taken place, it can be difficult to treat. You need to take at least a two step approach.

Yes, vitamin B is effective, but you also need to focus on reducing inflammation. The problem with combining a natural treatment such as vitamin B therapy with an anti-inflammatory drug regime, is that conventional drugs can damage the vitamin B in the stomach. The vitamin will be harder for the body to absorb as ALL anti-inflammatory drugs interfere with our digestion.

We cannot digest vitamin B unless our digestive system is working at its optimum level. There are herbs, and herbals extracts, which are far more effective when it comes to helping you absorb vitamin B.

It is recognized that extract of Passion Flower will help to settle the stomach, and at the same time help you to absorb the nutritional content of both food and supplements much better. Extract of Passion Flower will also help you to relax, and in doing so, overall inflammation in the body is reduced.

nerve renew ingredientsOther Herbs that Can Help

Feverfew is a common herb which you will find in a variety of forms all across the world. It is one of the safest alternative treatments available, and has been used to treat painful conditions such arthritis with a great deal of success. However, it can be used to treat nerve pain as well.

Why Does My Leg Hurt?

The nerves in the legs are very long, and often have to pass through tendons. This is one of the reason why leg nerve pain is often confused with pain in a tendon or damage to a tendon. The physiological damage may not originate in that part of the leg. It may indeed originate in another part of the leg, and only becomes apparent in the tendon because of the myriads of nerve tissue in a tendon. So in fact, your problem may not be in your Achilles tendon, it could be as a result of nerve damage in the knee. This is why it is so difficult to treat any type of nerve pain in the legs.

Looking For a Long Term Solution

Many people who suffer nerve pain in the legs, often have to live with it day in and day out. It wears you down, and you need to find a  long term solution other than conventional drugs. Supplements such as Nerve Renew offer you the perfect solution to nerve pain in leg. This supplement will not upset your stomach, or force you to purchase other drugs to control digestive disorders. Nerve Renew will gently be there all of the time, and provide you with the perfect long term solution to your nerve pain.

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